Mobile Game Development

Mobile Games stand as one of the most profitable app category to invest these days. However, the temptation to earn big and make great games needs a passionate team behind it and this is where we step in. As one the early beginners in the trade of mobile game development services, we have 5 years of experience in making all types of mobile games. We have been through a steep learning curve and extended our services to mobile game testing and mobile game marketing too.

The app store is overflowing with apps and to make your mark right away you need a proper mix of all the activities.
Coming back to our team of mobile game developers, have no doubt that you will be hiring an experienced bunch of professionals who blend their knowledge, Aesthetic skills and a tonnes of intuition to add that Kick into your game. We have worked upon a number of games that attracted substantial install numbers and long play sessions for users.

Our mobile game development team has extensively worked on all major devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Lumia Phones as well.

iPhone game development

HD iPhone games with superb gameplay and guaranteed success

iPhone game development experts are always in demand and why not when Candy Crush players using iPhone spend $150 of IAP(in app purchase) goodies. It must accepted that iPhone users spend the most on IAP and hence it becomes a crucial medium for games. Our developers at Openxcell Studio understand this and provide you the best option possible for development. Depending on the fact that you make a single player game or a MMORPG, you can choose between native and Cross platform development according to the requirements of your game… +More


Android Game Development

Pixel precise games that run glitch-free on every android device

From being a chaotic platform for game developers, android has evolved into a necessity today. The OS is stable, fluid and more importantly, has successfully sneaked into everyone’s pocket with a userbase of 1.9 billions. Since games are made for mass entertainment, making an android version of your game gives unmatched potential for app discovery and ad based revenues. In other words, if you are making a mobile game, you have to make it for android as well.
You would have no issues with our android game developers. They are experienced, well-versed with development platform and have successfully handled challenging issues related to fragmentation in the past. They will make your game run across majority of android devices… +More


iPad Game Development

Turn your iPad game idea into a ‘top 10 game’ on the app store

The large screen of iPad topped with fluid iOS provides the most immersive experience with 2D and 3D games alike. Really, the swipe and taps happen instantaneously and make users feel like they are actually controlling the characters. We have utilized the potential of iPad in all the games we made. Our iPad game developers have worked on a number of educational games along with other genres too. Provide your iPad game idea(s) to Openxcell and let our developers make it an App store hit… + More


Windows Game Development

Customized games using right technologies for best user experience

Windows Phone users consist of a small lot but their phones are mighty. Critiques simply love the OS and our game developers as well. The screens are big, the OS is cool and the competition is low–all these add up as enough reasons to make a windows version of your game. We have made a few windows games and have ported a number of them too. Our windows game developers hold expertise silverlight, XNA and C# to make the game you desire… + More